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Online dating is no longer a taboo subject for singles in their 50s. Your dating world is opening more and more with access to dating on the go as well as taking dating to a new level of comfort inside the safety of your own home and on your own terms! What better place to enjoy dating in your 50s than locally around Guernsey?

With such a beautiful back drop your next love story is guaranteed to bloom and shine with Over 50s Dating in Guernsey! A gorgeous island that has so much pride and so much to be proud about, matching and meeting someone local to the island will be the most fun you’ve had for ages!

Your relationship will be like the oldest post box on the island and in the British Isles, a sturdy reminder of the past gone by but nothing can rock this beautiful symbol of tradition!

Your weekends could be spent exploring the beautiful beach line, splashing in the sea and tasting every single flavour of ice cream the island has to offer. You could go Whitch Seat spotting on your way into town or count all of the beautiful Guernsey cows! You could go fairy hunting and looking for the Red Road together – all the while getting to know each other better as each date passes. Adventures to the famous the Fairy Ring and you could save your wishes up to just one, to be together! Walk around that Fairy Ring three times hand in hand and watch your wishes come true in front of your own eyes!

Spend time getting to know each other in the four early weeks of Spring, let your love deepen in Summer and fall in Autumn! Guernsey is the best back drop to your love story!

Over 50s Dating Site

By joining an over 50s dating site in Guernsey, you’ll have made finding your next relationship much easier! Our site is purpose built to match likeminded singles from around the Guernsey area! Our vast and ever growing database is filled with exciting, confident and single people in their 50s who want to find fun, love, laughter and happily ever after in Guernsey! If you are looking for an easy way to find all of that, you’re in the right place!

With us there is no unnecessary personality quizzes or confusing tests. At Date Guernsey Singles, it’s easy. Simply sign up using our quick and easy registration form and then get searching for what you know makes you tick! Are you attracted to someone with an interest? Do you want someone to have a certain career? Are you someone with children and want someone with similar life experience? All you have to do is search for it! It couldn’t be easier for you to search and find your next relationship!

You can see new members as well as sending a free message to members who tickle your fancy! You can send an ice breaker message for free and you will also be searchable by other Guernsey singles in their 50s.

When dating over 50s in Guernsey, we do all of the hard work so that you can concentrate on finding what you didn’t even know was missing from your life!

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